How to remove stains from shirt collars and cuffs

Collars and cuffs tend to be the main areas that get stained while wearing shirts. The most common types of stains are caused by sweat, pens, sun creams, make-up and dirt in general. They are probably the most difficult stains to get rid of, especially if we are talking about white shirts. When doing your

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How to wash Woolen Clothing

Winter is coming, and with it the season of wearing woolen sweaters, jumpers, scarfs and throwover blankets. If you love wool as much as I do, you also know that it is highly important to take care of this textile and ensure you do your laundry correctly to avoid harming the garments. It is considered

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Towel or Bathrobe?

There is no doubt that the world is divided into those who prefer to use the towel after taking a shower and those who choose to use a bathrobe. But, why do we choose one or the other? While in countries with good, sunny weather people tend to use towels, in countries with colder, rainy

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How to wash lingerie

Lingerie is one of the most delicate fabrics in our wardrobe. Its delicate textiles such as silk and lace don’t only make it pretty and sophisticated, but also challenging to wash. Here are some tips on how to do your lingerie laundry while caring and protecting your bras and intimates. Type of wash: Hand wash:

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How to wash and store your Halloween costumes

Most Halloween costumes are intended for one use only, either because of the poor quality of the fabric or because you don’t want to wear the costume another year. Despite this, you might sometimes want to store it for the following year or lend it to a family member or a friend if your costume

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