A naming that takes us to, literally, wherever we desire to be

Because each trip has a different feeling, fragrance, language and color that we wish we could cherish forever. Because each place is different, but they all encourage us to dream and believe that there’s so much more beyond what our eyes can see. Because our suitcase gets filled with life, and each destination awakens our mind, soul, and spirit. It makes us want to look out, sit back and enjoy the view. Because it’s not only about the destination, it’s also the journey that counts.

A range of fabric care products

A range of fabric care products specially created to provide extra care to your everyday fabrics and the environment. Amazingly efficient plant-based formulas combined with the most sophisticated fragrances.

Our goal is to upgrade your laundry experience to a more sophisticated and premium moment. A new collection of sophisticated and unique fragranced laundry care products that captures the essence of each fragrance as a unique destination to ensure you have an exclusive experience while taking care of your favorite fabrics.