A movement that advocates turning homes, the spaces where we spend more than 80% of our lives, into a source of health and wellbeing for people through different disciplines.

The first Homecare brand that creates a range of products which are not only effective, sustainable and healthy, but also contribute to your emotional balance and fulfilment.


that in addition of being effective, are healthy, environmentally friendly and contribute to people’s emotional wellbeing.

Laundry Care

A full range of products to take care of your fabrics so you can enjoy their freshness and softness of the first day for longer.

Air Care

Immerse your home in a harmony of fragrances and sensations of well-being with our scented candles and reed diffusers.

Personal Care

Products to take care of your skin. Formulas specially designed to find the perfect balance between hygiene, protection and hydration for your hands.


Discover our bestsellers, those Voyêtre products you all love and trust!


A new generation of home care products that help improve people’s lives by transforming every home into a

health and wellness space

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